February 14, 2020

Decaf Coffee

Our decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process. This is a clean decaffeinating method which uses 100% green coffee extract and carbon to filter the caffeine out. This method ensures only caffeine is removed to keep the original quality of the beans intact.

Different Grind Options Explained

Coarse is the largest grind size that we have. It is great for french press and cold brew coffees. 

Medium-Coarse is in between coarse and the standard grind that you see in ground coffee at grocery stores. This can be used for pour-over and drip coffees.

Standard is what you typically see when you buy ground coffee from the grocery store. The pieces are small and this grind is best used for pour-over and drip coffees.

Fine is one step above the "Standard" grind. This is best used for Pourover Cones, Vacuum Pots, and Siphon Brewers.

Espresso is the smallest we offer. This grind is used mostly for espresso coffees, Stovetop Espresso / Moka Pot.

How to choose between the Light, Balanced and Bold 

The flavor is the perception of tastes while the coffee is in the mouth. For example, a coffee might taste mildly of chocolate or caramel. The flavor of the coffee is separate from its aroma, you need to pay attention to what the taste buds can detect. You can put your description together considering these factors. Begin with the acidity, followed by the aroma and close with the coffee's flavor. For example, you might describe coffee as follows: "The coffee has a crisp, bright flavor, with subtle hints of citrus and rich chocolates."


Light Flavored coffee brings out the utmost origin character of the particular coffees. This coffee has crisp acidity, a mellow body, and bright flavors including tasting notes of chocolate, cherries, and caramel.


Balanced Flavored Coffee is a compromise that often brings out some of the best flavors with tasting notes including sweet, citric, caramel and a bright finish with an occasional hint of milk chocolate. This flavor often brings out a balanced complete coffee.


Bold Flavored Coffee can give you bold, stewy, rich, darkness. The taste converges towards those of tobacco and herbs. Very bold bodied, best for those with a complex palate.


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