Our Story

An outdoor life is full of adventures, and only an adventurer can enjoy the real savor of a life.

At Mountain Peak Outdoors & Foods, we welcome everyone who likes to get pleasures from every moment of an outdoor life. We know that daring hiking trips or camping becomes successful when adventurers get the right foods and use proper gear. We have created this platform to provide you with everything that you need to stay fresh and energetic. Our team works with the aim to keep you inspired and help you enjoy your time to the fullest. We believe “Life is way too short not to explore the outdoors".

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic outdoors men and women and we have passionately pursued the thrill-seeking lifestyle that you love. We taste our products everyday when we go for that morning run our that weekend kayak trip across the lake.

Our origin

For years, Carl Johnson, our owner, used so-called "protein and energy bars" whenever he was hiking or working out. He later discovered they were loaded with tons of sugar and harmful preservatives which also impacted his performance. Determined to come up with a recipe to help him reach his peak, he started introducing his granola, energy bars and coffee. The base of our granola and protein bars include hemp powder, quinoa, kiwicha and maca providing the energy and nutrition your body needs. For thousands of years Inca warriors used these same super foods to provide energy throughout their rigorous day. You now have the same advantage. 

Mountain Peak Outdoors & Foods has one mission - Meet the demanding nutritional requirements of being outdoor and prevent the dependence on low quality foods packed with artificial sugars and preservatives.

What we offer

We have understood the fact that having high-energy meals is a crucial step towards smooth expeditions. That is why we have provided you with foods infused with a high amount of nutrients.

Thanks to our nutrition experts and research, we are able to create optimally balanced foods, having exuberant nutritional values, and minimal carry weight. Our lightweight packs ensure the availability of travel-friendly products to wanderers to have a smooth travel experience. So carrying our products with you won't weigh you down.

What’s more? Our products include flavorful Granola, Protein Bars, Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans and Cold Brew Coffee. 

We have built a sustainable business

At Mountain Peak Outdoors & Foods, we think that we have a corporate responsibility to contribute something to the development of the outdoor community. As an outdoor adventure helps in moral, social, and physical development, we try our best for the growth of this community. We invest 10% of our annual profits support outdoor activities.

We strive to create exceptional outdoor products, and customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Be it those dangerous glaciers, sparsely populated mountain peaks, or remote deserts, let us join you in your adventurous expeditions and keep you going. We will always encourage you to go forth and climb the highest mountain, find that lost cave, and swim deepest oceans. We leave it on you to support us to build a sustainable business and fight for life outdoors.

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