Blueberry Crunch Granola

Mountain Peak Outdoors & Foods


While spending time out of doors, staying energized and full are a key to prevent exhaustion and weariness. What else could do the job better than a bowl of organic granola cereal?

Our granola is a crunchy and sweet mixture of hemp powder, quinoa, kiwicha and maca, whole oats, lots of blueberry's and amazing syrup from Nerd Bakery and Products. You can take it however you like: Savor it cold along with fresh yogurt or pour into a bowl of milk. It is so yummy you can munch some flecks right away, from inside the pack. 

Apart from providing all the major nutrients, it also tastes delicious. Sprinkle a little onto your ice creams and sundaes to discover a rich cereal topping.

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